WPEP Sales Engine Feature Requests


The WPEP Sales Engine is the Addon that enables you to accept One-Off or recurring payments the easy way on your eLearning Platform.

Please post your feature WPEP Sales Engine Feature or Improvement Requests here in this space.


Use Multiple ThriveCart Products in one Sales Engine Membership.

I sell my main membership as a standalone product and as an Upsell in my sales funnel with ThriveCart. I have 3 different funnels I use, but can only use one funnel per Membership inside the Sales Engine right now.

The way it is currently setup, I would need to create multiple memberships for the same thing.

What would be better and more efficient is to have the ability to sell multiple products from ThriveCart for one membership in the Sales Engine.

Great product guys. Loving it so far, but this is a limitation I am currently trying to work around.




Great suggestion … I also use Thrievcart and would love this ability