WPEP Personalized Learning Module Feature Requests


PLM is the world’s first and only Personalized Learning Extension Module for WordPress and it enables you to Coach, Consult and Teach from your WordPress like the top 1% Coaching & Teaching Companies Online.

Post WPEP Personalized Learning Module feature or improvement requests in this space.


It would be great if you could integrate BigBlueButton (https://bigbluebutton.org), then it would be possible to talk to customers via webcam and share a screen. That would be awesome. If you could do that I will definitely buy your Addon in the future.

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It would be very interesting to have the possibility to archieve discussion in the channel.

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It would be fantastic to have an search bar in the channel discussion ! :slight_smile:


There is a search bar in the discussions.

  1. The option to archive discussions as mentioned above.
  2. The option to show reactions.
  3. Clickable profiles that when you click on them you can see all the posts this user has mad.
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all three of Hana_Bi’s suggestions would be really helpful :slight_smile:


I would love the ability to collapse the conversations in the PLM discussions Management section. Also the ability to have a view that just shows new comments from clients. (see this screen grab for more clarity - https://cl.ly/831cc6)

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I would LOVE the ability to do a broadcast message or announcement across all PLM learning channels instead of having to go into the various discussion channels to make the post. Pretty please. :blush:

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