WPEP General Improvement Suggestions


Make it possible to add assessments - or mini-quizzes - to any lesson, not just once per section/module.

It’s good to give people a quick quiz to recap whatever they just learned: it helps reinforce the learning, and an easy quiz adds some interactivity, fun and a sense of achievement. But you need to be able to do this on a small scale, for each lesson, not just for a whole module.

At the moment I’m using a quiz plugin for this. It would be vastly better to have this inside WPEP (I mean ELC :wink: ) .


Would love to see a widget to show recent comments on a course, similar to the one Wordpress has for to show comments on posts.


Control appearance of user avatar/photo on the profile.

Currently the user’s profile image takes up 1/3 of the screen real estate on their profile. Often this means displaying the image bigger than its natural dimensions, so it’s a pixelated mess. Request: make the image smaller, and have the option of removing that left-hand column altogether so the tabs can be displayed across the full width of the screen.


Control user profile contents with shortcodes, allowing different versions on different pages.

For example, a version of the profile embedded for a live class would highlight class-related content; a general version would show everything the user has access to.


I would love to have the possibility to use different color on different ribbons. Like “green” for new courses, “red” for advanced", “yellow” for free etc.