WPEP General Improvement Suggestions


How? I’d love to know!

  • More drip options: not only from the time of login, but from a fixed date (July 12, 2019), regardless when they login for the first time, or from certain actions (module 1 marked as completed, previous lesson completed) etc.

  • Lesson based integration with Memberium tags – when user gets a new tag in memberium, a specific lesson becomes available.

  • Possibility when we find a shortcode embeded in a page, to quick access the course that that shortcode belongs to.

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Allow multiple ThriveCart identifiers on the same membership to can run A/B test order page.


Hide lessons and modules (draft mode) until they are ready to be published


Possibility of adding thumbnail on standard course type sidebar


Please add the ability to release a lesson on a particular date/time

ie This lesson will be available on the 8th October at 8:00am

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Is there a possibility of adding a timer or tracking user time spent - so that we know the total amount of time a user has spent in a course?


Shortcodes override memberium protection. Example–; I have a course protected with the membership level ADMIN only ( only website admins can see that course) and then I embed that course to a page that has Membership level X–>; Everyone can see the course, so I can’t drip content using memberium.

Request: Improve Memberium integration so we can effectively use it to drip content and lessons please.


Add Gutemberg editor to course description or Divi or something that allows us to make it more visual appealing.


Responsive ShortCodes : Add different content for mobile versions.


Allow editing of each course’s sidebar individually. So if the course has its own forum, or announcements page, or webinar login link (etc, etc…) separate from WpEp, we can display the link to that on each page of the course, above or below the list of lessons.


You’ll be very happy very soon hilaryjb :slight_smile:

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Hilary, you must use a Conditional Widgets WordPress Plugin,

Check here: https://cl.ly/57d52d795699


Great suggestion! We’ll make it happen.

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This is on purpose yoou can the memberium conditional display shortcode and just place the wpep course shortcode inside it.


But that doesn’t work to drip lessons with memberium, I would need to break down a course into many one-off-course and use a memberium short code for each one. Then what’s the point of using a LMS? Even the memberium support recomended me to go with LearnDash if I want to drip lessons using memberium tags. I really think it’s something needed here.


Melanie we’ve just released this improvement today! Read about it here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/wpepsupport/permalink/1261608067311976/



It would be awsome to Integrate Sales Engine with euplatesc.ro or mobilpay.ro, gateways for romanian people.

Thank you


This would be really good for me too


Can we backup WPEP with Dropbox option or other cloud storage instead of Wordpress drive?