WPEP General Improvement Suggestions


Please post general improvement suggestions here under this Topic.


Add the ability to open a link in a different tab when using the [wpep_link] button shortcode.


A ‘Pick up where I left off’ link for users. (Ideally as a separate shortcode I could add to any page.)

This link would take the user directly to the last lesson they were viewing. Very user-friendly: one click to continue your studies, and you don’t have to remember to bookmark anything.


Display Course List shortcode to add a list of courses to any page.

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Option to send email notification to admin when an assessment is submitted.


Load Course Content ON-DEMAND

For courses with lots of video content, it’s taking forever for pages to load on the Execution Plan format. I’ve tried all other formats but none align with the way an Execution Plan is structured which is ideal for me and many of my clients.

Loading each individual lesson as it’s clicked would allow the pages to load much faster and give our users a better experience. Sometimes it’s taking 20 seconds + to load a single WPEP course while all other pages on the website load instantly.


Can you tell us a little more about this specific use case? How many videos do you have in that course and what kind of videos did you embed?



It would be nice to have statistics in dasboard http://prntscr.com/kmcnpz

Maybe number of people who logged in, who get trhu a course, etc. I need to think more about this, but first is the posibility to see statistics right when i log into wordpress :slight_smile:


We have about 20 videos on this course
They are Wistia video and im just embedding with the regular code.

The course still takes forever to load. This is a high ticket product so members expect the course to be as high quality is it gets and some are complaining about the load times (20-30 seconds, sometimes more for the one EP page to load) and we are considering moving this course to another platform.

WPEP is working well for shorter courses that we have

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Bernardo, we’ll look into this and see what is causing the issue.


Bernardo I’ve looked into this and i can confirm to you that it is not an issue on our end <—

We have customers that have 40 - 50 youtube videos in one execution plan and it loads blazingly fast.

Wistia has a horrible API, making it a bummer if you embed more than 1 or 2 videos onto the same page.

We recommend you either switch to Vimeo or use the Standard Course Type instead and that solves the issue.

All the best

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great suggestion Hilary - Let’s see what we can do!

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Option to download all the response to assessment for all user.


Can we get Vooplayer integration so that we are able to add those super useful timestamps to our vooplayer videos in one-off courses?

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It would be awesome to be able to find the shortcode of a course on the course page itself as we’re editing it (instead of finding it from WPEP in the editor of another post)

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Love to see VooPlayer integration too as I moved away from vimeot to it…Like me… many folks have taken advantage of the AppSumo promotion of VooPlayer


The Ribbon Text function is really useful; I usually use it to mark new courses. Can we get this by default so the top 3 (or whichever number we choose) automatically get marked “New!” and then when others come in, they lose the ribbon automatically?


In Wordpress, we are able to use any membership plugin to hide a page from a user; can you please make it so that we can do the same thing with tabs in the Learner Profile? I would like to hide some tabs from members who do not have access to certain content.

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It would be nice to have this function to the other type of course as well https://docs.growlearnteach.com/knowledgebase/one-off-course-jumplinks/#timestamp=00:01:03


later edit: found the solution for the request i made :smiley: