WPEP Email Marketing Integrations Feature Requests


WPEP integrates with a number of Email Marketing Service Providers through Addons.

Post any Email Marketing Integrations Feature Requests here.


Client is using WPEP with Memberium that has the Umbrella Accounts.

It would be very handy if the Parent accounts could view the stats for their users.

The ideal thing would be if we could embed the results on a page using short codes. That would keep the site look and feel and keep user away from WP Admin area.


Hi Rick

This is a “sounds easy but isn’t” kind of feature cause a hierarchy needs to be established and built.

We can custom build this one for you: https://growlearnteach.com/hire-and-delegate/

all the best
Corrado Izzo


Would love an integration with https://www.groundhogg.io and https://www.mailerlite.com/.

Groundhogg is free and really good, and it’s WP native.


Woud be awesome if there was a Mautic integration. Seem viable?



I would like to suggest an integration with Platform.ly


Yes, Mautic integration would be great. Mautic is growing super fast and the possibilities are endless.