WPEP Addons Feature Requests


WPEP integrates and comes with a great number of Addons that extend or integrate your WordPress eLearning Platform with a wide variety of Online Services.

Post any Feature Requests, Improvement Suggestions, New Integration Addons Requests here.


It would be great if you could integrate H5P, so that I can chose between different kind of tests for my students and integrate the test results in your system to give them a certificate in the end.

Another possibility would be, if you could add tests with matching and sorting to your existing tests.


Hi Christian

H5P is already compatible with WPEP and you can embed any one of their Content Types into any part of WPEP using their Shortcodes.

regarding the integration of test results,

I need more specific use cases of how you’d like the integration to work, what you’re saying is too broad.

For example, you use X Content Type in WPEP, and you track Y, and use the data to also get Z.

Make a list of all the Content Types and define clearly what it is you want to track.

Make your list as specific as possible!

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Divi Addon --> so we can edit the course description using DIVI theme

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Mailchimp integration for started email marketing users (so we can add to certain lists and/or tag or group users)

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Hi Corrado,

I think about Author Bio Shortcode or Author Profile Addon that help the learner can know who is teaching them when I assign multi-authors for the course.

It will be useful if I have the guest courses and author profile is important all the time.


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Great suggestion which I support