Multiple processors for sales engine?


I am a long time ThriveCart user and had anticipated connecting wpep sales engine to it because I want to give visitors the option of paying with Stripe or PayPal or Apple Pay at checkout, vs being locked into only one payment processor using Sales Engine on its own.

  1. Is it anticipated that sales engine will acquire the ability to offer multiple payment options at checkout in the near future?

If not, I’d like to request that future.


The Sales Engine currently offers 3 payment gateways: Stripe, Paypal and Braintree + it integrates with SamCart, Thrive Cart and Paykickstart.

The Sales Engine will be one of our main focus points in terms of development in the near future, it will receive very many improvements but i can’t go into that right now as the product roadmap is still in development too.

i certainly will add your request to our list.

All the best

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