Log-in / Log-out options



Would like to request a much closer integration with the WordPress system it self. When we use the suggested plugin to have a log in/log out option in the menu bar, that willredirect to the WP system default form and not to the styled WPEP version.

I would like to have the option to choose a dedicated page as the WPEP form location so what ever the user does, he/she should have a nice unified experience for the whole system.

Also the option to log out for the user as it seems to be missing…

Thank you


Just to be more specific: We do have the auth shortcode, but that is a manual option. We should have the necessary redirect functions in place to whatever the user does they should be redirected to this page instead of the WP standard form. And/Or have a redirect option in place for logging out -> takes user to X page instead of WP standard logged out page.