Integrate Email Tagging in Member Magnets


Member Magnets are great, but they could be better. I would love to be able to Tag anyone who logs in for a specific Member Magnet. Right now I can’t identify the Member Magnet someone registered for one my site. I just know they registered and can send them a single email sequence. With a Drip Tag for instance, I can send a sequence based on the Member Magnet they downloaded and registered for.

There are places to use Email Tagging everywhere in this product (which I love) except the place where you would expect it the most.


Hello Michael,

You can already do this, use a WPEP Email Marketing Integration to tag on “Course Started”.

If you’re protecting a course by a member magnet, the first thing the user does after registering ( or logging in if he already has an account ) is to start the course => the course started tag is applied.

All the best,