Course Comments and Discussions


When visiting the Discussion boards as admin, it is quite difficult to figure out which comments I get to reply to…

First, there is no clear delimintation of the section… A clear border around would make life MUCH easier :slight_smile:
Second: Clarity on who is writing and who is replying… — again, border
Third: There should be One button for writing something new on that section and another for replying to a comment already posted.
The way it is now, I have to click Open, then Scroll down, and then type… With a reply button, it shoudl take me straight to typing…
Fourth: IS it possible to assign students a gravatar instead of the site logo? Again… In order to differentiate who is who, other than just by name

The Platform is AWESOME!!
Thank you!



I agree that Eugen’s suggestions would make this much more user friendly, I just hadn’t come up with a suggestion for improvement :slight_smile:

It would be good if you could easily find each reply, ie they would appear separately so that you don’t have to scroll through to check you haven’t missed any.