Basic email notification/gamification to be built-in



Would like to request some basic email notifications/options we can send out automated based on user progress.

For example:

  • First course started
  • X amount of lessons completed
  • First Course completed
  • X amount of course completed
  • You have a certificate/ download link
  • Most lessons completed this week/month
  • Most courses completed this week/month
  • Haven’t logged in since X time
  • Haven’t completed a lesson for X time
  • Feedback after X days (How do you like the course so far? Etc…)

I think that these should not be trusted on 3rd party plugins or systems and we can connect SMTP to our websites if there would be too many emails sent.

Also guess this would give a HUGE boost to the system in terms of end user experience and actual value :slight_smile:

Thank you


Truly important, that help us control email notification and keep learner engaged.


I like these, using ActiveCampaign or ConvertKit it is possible to set this up with tags and automations, however, to have these built into the system would be superb and save a lot of grief/hassle/planning


You can do most if not all of it with Active Campaign/Drip/Aweber/Memberium Infusionsoft etc.

All our email marketing services deep integrations enable you:

Tag a Student when he completes a Lesson.
Tag a Student when he completes a Section or Module.
Tag a Student when he completes a Course.
Tag a Student when his Assessment Status is: Pending.
Tag a Student when his Assessment Status is: Pending Review.
Tag a Student when his Assessment Status is: Completed.
Tag a Student when he Failed the Assessment.

We architected the integrations in a way that they can be easily extended and you can place tags “nearly” anywhere you want.

They will also syncronize all tags you create in your respective Account and offer you to optionally autocomplete upon text entry.

If your an Advanced User and/or ELearning Platform Developer we’ve added a General Class that allows you to easily add more tags.

You can also Hire us and we add all the tags you want for you.

All these integration include Connection Safeguard and will track and alert you in case of connection errors.

Thank you for your input Barna Buxbaum, keep it coming,

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